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Jun 21

SSH Connection Manager

I previously wrote a quick post on using a connection manager in Linux. Link here:

I have used for the most part something called the Gnome Connection Manager. However it is poorly maintained and had a few small annoyances also.

I revisited a utility called PAC Manager (link here

So far it does pretty much everything I need as far as maintaining details for server names and SSH login information. It does have tabbed windows, organize in groups and an amazing number of customization features. It also integrates pretty nicely with KeePass to maintain passwords with.

It would be better if the main distros include this tool but it does at least have .deb and .rpm packages.

I also gave a current version of Remmina another try as it seems best maintained of the bunch but it still gave me unexpected behavior. Like a SSH window just disappearing etc.

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May 28

SSH Through Intermediate Using Putty

Most of the time when you are forced to access a system through an intermediate hop it is fairly trivial either manually or automating it with ssh config.  That is assuming you are using *nix.  When using putty this is also possible and here is a quick note on what I did.

First off ensure you have a working ssh key to the intermediate host you will be using.

Next setup and save your new putty session as you would for any other connection.

Under Connection -> Proxy pick Local and set the Proxy hostname to your intermediate host (I set port to 0 but port does not matter).

Under local proxy command set something like this:

plink.exe %proxyhost -l root -agent -nc %host:%port

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